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Chaizup Daily Instant Kesar Tea | 504 GM| 36 Sachets | Premix Tea Powder | Instant Premix Chai | Ready To Drink

Chaizup Daily Instant Kesar Tea | 504 GM| 36 Sachets | Premix Tea Powder | Instant Premix Chai | Ready To Drink

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Experience the Delight of Chaizup Daily Instant Kesar Tea

Indulge in the rich and invigorating flavor of Chaizup Daily Instant Kesar Tea. Each sip brings the authentic taste of traditional Indian chai, enhanced with the fragrant essence of cardamom. Perfectly balanced and effortlessly delicious, our premix tea powder is designed for those who cherish the classic chai experience without the time-consuming preparation. 

Chaizup is committed to bringing you the finest quality tea experiences. Our range of instant premix teas combines traditional flavors with modern convenience, ensuring you enjoy the perfect cup of tea every time.


  • Instant Premix Chai: Enjoy the authentic taste of Indian chai without the hassle of traditional brewing. Just add hot water and your tea is ready.
  • Elaichi Flavor: Infused with the rich aroma and flavor of kesar or saffron offering a refreshing and delightful tea experience.
  • Convenient: Perfect for busy mornings, office breaks, or anytime you need a quick and delicious cup of tea.
  • Travel-Friendly: Individually packed sachets ensure freshness and are easy to carry, making them ideal for travel.
  • No Artificial Flavors: Made with real tea and natural ingredients, ensuring a pure and wholesome taste.
  • Economical: Each pack contains 36 sachets, providing excellent value for money.

    How to Enjoy Your Chaizup Kesar Tea

    1. Open: Tear open a sachet of Chaizup Daily Instant Kesar Tea.
    2. Pour: Empty the contents into a cup.
    3. Add Water: Pour in 150 ml of hot water (not boiling).
    4. Stir: Mix well until the powder is fully dissolved.
    5. Enjoy: Relish the rich and aromatic flavor of your freshly made kesar chai.


    Sugar, Milk Solids, Tea Extract, Cardamom Extract, Natural Flavors

    Where to Buy:

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